Information Requests

MNFI provides a list and detailed information on all species, natural communities, and occurrences for single sites and also along corridors.

Rare Species Reviews

MNFI scientists provide reports at increasing levels of detail from review and evaluation of current information to field assessments, and full-scale inventories.

Special Data Requests

MNFI shares information and expertise by providing spatial data, custom searches and subscription to MNFI's on-line database.

Natural Features Inventory

Field assessments for public and private projects range from a targeted species on one site to full inventories of state parks and entire counties.

Conservation Planning

MNFI staff have experience in a range of services from ecological assessments to detailed conservation plans for unique sites, regional-scale green infrastructure plans, and large-scale intensive conservation action plans involving many stakeholders.

Research and Monitoring

MNFI conducts research projects on emerging and ongoing biodiversity issues.

Natural Heritage Database Search

Yearly subscriptions to MNFI's on-line database are available upon request. State wide section level information can be assessed at any time.