Annual Reports

2020 MNFI Special Report: The Art of Science

2020 special report cover

Celebrating Four Decades of Discovering, Defining, and Delivering the Science that Guides Biodiversity Conservation and Stewardship

Special Report: 2020

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2018 MNFI Annual Report

2018 annual report cover
  • The Year in Review
  • Natural Heritage Database and Featured Species
  • It's Global – It's Local: Human Well-Being Depends on Nature Functioning Well
  • Discovering, Defining, Delivering:
    • Nature's Multiple Contributions to People
    • Nature's Regulating Contributions to People
    • Nature's Non-Material Contributions to Human Life
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2017 MNFI Annual Report

2017 annual report cover
  • The Natural Heritage Database and Featured Listed Species
  • Nature's Contributions to People
  • Michigan's Rare Pollinators: Finding Them, Restoring Habitat
  • Mapping Michigan's Coastal Dunes and Shoreline Types in the Northwest Lower Peninsula
  • Growing Conservation Super Heroes
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2016 MNFI Annual Report

2016 annual report cover
  • Dynamic, Evolving . . . and a Database!
  • A Vital and Unique Partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • The I-75 Corridor Conservation Action Plan: A Process as Significant as its Outcomes
  • Conservation: A Matter of Heritage, Livelihood, Culture and Spirituality for the Odawa
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2015 MNFI Annual Report

2015 annual report cover
  • The Wide Reaching Impacts of Information on Conservation
  • Protecting One of Nature’s Gems The Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly
  • The Ripple Effect of MNFI Research on Vernal Pools
  • Co-Hosting the International NatureServe Conference
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