Michigan Bumble Bees

Multiple species of Bumble bees are in decline across Michigan, prompting appropriate conservation actions at the State and Federal Level. In 2016, Bombus terricola (Yellow Banded Bumble Bee) was listed in the USFW Service 7-year National Listing workplan, and in 2017 B. affinis (Rusty Patched Bumble Bee) was added to the Endangered Species list. Both species are listed as Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) in the Michigan Wildlife Action Plan. MNFI is actively engaged in the long-term monitoring of at-risk bumble bee species in Michigan in an effort to understand and describe range shifts, and aide in the conservation efforts for these species.

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MNFI manages a statewide long-term data set of bumble bee occurrences across Michigan. The data shown here include historic and current observations from museum, academic, personal, and citizen science sources. Over 12,000 bumble bee records are included in the interactive map.

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Our database is ever-growing. All data is available for use and can be obtained for research or general purposes. If you have bumble bee data and would like to share in this collaborative effort, please contact Logan Rowe at Roweloga@msu.edu.

For more information, please read our recent report titled: Assessing Bumble Bee Diversity, Distribution, and Status for the Michigan Wildlife Action Plan.

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Michigan's Listed Bumble Bees

Michigan's Bumble Bees

Scientific NameCommon NameGlobal RankState Rank
Bombus affinisRusty-patched bumble beeG2SH
Bombus auricomusBlack-and-gold Bumble BeeG4G5S2
Bombus bimaculatusTwo-spotted Bumble BeeG5S4
Bombus ashtoniGypsy Cuckoo Bumble BeeG3G5SH
Bombus borealisNorthern Amber Bumble BeeG4G5S3
Bombus citrinusLemon Cuckoo Bumble BeeG4S3
Bombus fervidusYellow bumble beeG3G4S3
Bombus fernaldaeFernald's Cuckoo Bumble BeeG5?SH
Bombus fraternusSouthern Plains Bumble BeeG2G4SH?
Bombus frigidusFrigid Bumble BeeG5SH?
Bombus griseocollisBrown-belted Bumble BeeG5S5
Bombus impatiensCommon Eastern Bumble BeeG5S5
Bombus insularisIndiscriminate Cuckoo Bumble BeeG3SH
Bombus pensylvanicusAmerican bumble beeG3G4S1
Bombus perplexusConfusing Bumble BeeG5S3S4
Bombus rufocinctusRed-belted Bumble BeeG4G5S3S4
Bombus sandersoniSanderson's Bumble BeeG4G5S2S3
Bombus ternariusTri-colored Bumble BeeG5S4
Bombus terricolaYellow banded bumble beeG3G4S2S3
Bombus vagansHalf-black Bumble BeeG4S4