Michigan Mussels

Mussel Map Viewer

The Mussel Map Viewer is an interactive tool to allow users to explore listed native mussels across the Michigan landscape. Watershed level species lists are available alongside the Mussel Protocol Stream Groups.

The Mussel Protocol Stream Groups are designed to document the potential presence or absence of state or federally listed mussel species. The layer was created by modeling the habitat suitability for each mussel species and may not correspond directly with a documented location for a listed mussel. A segment may be predicted as suitable for a number of mussel species, so the stream group number was assigned to the most restrictive of the potential mussel species present. The watersheds have associated mussel species data and can be queried to generate a species list. The Mussel Protocol Stream Groups only attribute is the corresponding stream group number.

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Mussel Protocol Data Availability

This data is available as an ESRI geodatabase packaged in zip file format and can be obtained at no cost with the signing of a data use agreement. Data can be requested by emailing mnfi@msu.edu

For protocol details, see the following documents:

Freshwater Mussel Information

Freshwater Mussels of Michigan posters can be ordered for $3.00 on the MNFI online store or viewed as a PDF.

For more information on mussels and the role they play in our environment, download the Freshwater Mussels of Michigan brochure available in letter format, or as a foldable brochure.


Michigan's Listed Mussels