Natural Community Abstracts

Photo by Joshua G. Cohen

For more detailed descriptions of a subset of the natural community types and thorough references from the scientific literature, please refer to our natural community abstracts. We currently have developed natural community abstracts for 55 of the natural community types.

In addition to the natural community abstracts and online natural community classification, Michigan Natural Features Inventory has also published a book entitled “A Field Guide to the Natural Communities of Michigan” (Cohen et al. 2015) and the classification is available for download in our report “Natural Communities of Michigan: Classification and Description” (Kost et al. 2007).


Cohen, J.G., M.A. Kost, B.S. Slaughter, D.A. Albert, J.M. Lincoln, A.P. Kortenhoven, C.M. Wilton, H.D. Enander, and K.M. Korroch. 2020. Michigan Natural Community Classification [web application]. Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan State University Extension, Lansing, Michigan. Available (Accessed: July 23, 2024).