Rare Species Review

Once a Rare Species Review has been requested, MNFI staff will examine the project activities and location and evaluate them based on viable records in the Natural Heritage Database that are located within a mile and a half of the project. A review letter will then be sent summarizing the findings.

Information provided with a Review letter

Please note: This is a desktop review based on the MNFI natural heritage database. While we may be able to determine if there will be potential impacts to a rare species, MNFI cannot supply a "no impact" designation without an on site assessment.

Rare Species Review Fees
Fee20 Day Turnaround8 Day Turnaround
Rush Order
Base fee for search$200$300
Base fee for data compilation - Calculated based on area ($12.78 / mi2). Typical projects at a single location will be buffered by 1.5 - 2 miles resulting in a $115 base fee for data.$115
(~ 9 mi2 x $12.78)
(~ 9 mi2 x $12.78)
Minimum fee for request$315$415

Procedure for Making a Request

  1. Requestor sends a letter to the address below or preferably an e-mail to mnfi@msu.edu with the following information:
    • Name and address of the company, organization or individual making the request
    • Brief description of the proposed project
    • Description of what is there now (building, type of vegetation, recent disturbance)
    • Location of the area to be searched listed by PLSS town, range and section
    • Indication if a rush order is desired for an additional $100
  2. MNFI staff will respond to the e-mail by sending an information services agreement.
  3. Once the signed information services agreement has been returned to MNFI a search will be performed and an invoice will be generated and sent to the requestor. In the case of a rush order information on the location will be sent and it will be assumed that the fees will be sent in.
  4. Upon receipt of the information service fee information will be sent by e-mail to the requestor.

Credit Card Payment

You may pay for a Rare Species Review with a credit card after receiving an invoice. Credit card payments are handled through Michigan State University's secure payment system, which can be accessed by following the link below. Enter the amount of the payment, your company or agency name, and the invoice number. Add the "Rare Species Review" item to the shopping basket and click the "Continue Checkout" button to enter your billing information and complete the payment.

Proceed with Credit Card Payment

Contact Information

Again, to submit a request, please contact us at mnfi@msu.edu or send a written request to the following address:

Michigan Natural Features Inventory
Information Services and Requests
PO Box 13036
Lansing MI 48901

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