Michigan Invasive Plant Species Accounts

Species accounts are available for a number of plant species that have been noted as invasive or having invasive tendencies in Michigan. Some of these are commonly recognized invasive species such as Garlic Mustard, Purple Loosestrife or Phragmites (Giant Reed). Others are emerging threats in Michigan such as Black Jetbead, Swallow-wort, Water Hyacinth or European Frog-bit. A few, such as Hydrilla and Mile-a-Minute, are not yet in the state but are nearby and considered particularly destructive.

Early detection and eradication of these species is critical in preventing further damage to Michigan's natural areas.

Species Accounts were developed with funding from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Common NameScientific Name
Norway MapleAcer platanoides
Tree of HeavenAilanthus altissima
Black AlderAlnus glutinosa
Russian OliveElaeagnus angustifolia
Black LocustRobinia pseudoacacia
Common NameScientific Name
Japanese BarberryBerberis thunbergii
Autumn OliveElaeagnus umbellata
Glossy BuckthornFrangula alnus/Rhamnus frangula
PrivetLigustrum vulgare
Amur HoneysuckleLonicera maackii
Morrow's HoneysuckleLonicera morrowii
Tartarian HoneysuckleLonicera tatarica
Bell's HoneysuckleLonicera xbella
Common BuckthornRhamnus cathartica
Black JetbeadRhodotypos scandens
Multiflora RoseRosa multiflora
Woody Vines
Common NameScientific Name
Oriental BittersweetCelastrus orbiculatus
Japanese HoneysuckleLonicera japonica
KudzuPueraria lobata
Herbaceous Plants
Common NameScientific Name
Garlic MustardAlliaria petiolata
Narrow-leaved Bitter-cressCardamine impatiens
Spotted KnapweedCentaurea stoebe/Centaurea maculosa
Canada ThistleCirsium arvense
European Swamp ThistleCirsium palustre
Black Swallow-wortCynanchum louiseae /Vincetoxicum nigrum
Pale Swallow-wortCynanchum rossicum /Vincetoxicum rossicum
Leafy SpurgeEuphorbia esula
Baby’s BreathGypsophila paniculata
Giant HogweedHeracleum mantegazzianum
Dame's RocketHesperis matronalis
Lyme-grassLeymus arenarius
Purple LoosestrifeLythrum salicaria
White Sweet CloverMelilotus alba
Yellow Sweet CloverMelilotus officinalis
Japanese Stilt GrassMicrostegium viminium
Wild ParsnipPastinaca sativa
Reed CanarygrassPhalaris arundinacea
PhragmitesPhragmites australis
Japanese KnotweedPolygonum cuspidatum
Giant KnotweedPolygonum sachalinense
Mile-a-minute WeedPolygonum perfoliatum
Narrow-leaved Cat-tailTypha angustifolia
Aquatic Plants
Common NameScientific Name
Flowering RushButomus umbellatus
Water-hyacinthEichornia crassipes
HydrillaHydrilla verticillata
European Frog-bitHydrocharis morsus-ranae
Eurasian Water MilfoilMyriophyllum spicatum
Curly PondweedPotamogeton crispus
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