Michigan Conservation Stewards Program

The Michigan Conservation Stewards Program (CSP) is designed for anyone interested in current conservation and natural resource management issues, outdoor recreation, nature study, natural area management, citizen science, ecosystem management, invasive species management, habitat restoration, etc. Through participation in this program participants will learn essential strategies to help restore and conserve ecosystems throughout Michigan.

CSP is an adult education and volunteerism program that provides adults with 40 hours of natural resources instruction and requires 40 hours of annual volunteer service. CSP participants learn about the history of conservation activities in Michigan, ecological principles, ecoregional classifications, and how to make choices to manage our natural resources. In addition to this foundational curriculum, participants learn about terrestrial ecosystems (forestlands and grasslands) and aquatic ecosystems (wetlands, lakes, and streams) through classroom and in-field instruction.

"Conservation Stewards gives people the chance to learn from local and statewide experts about local natural resources and efforts to protect them," says Shari Dann, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension conservation specialist. "Participants don't need to have a background in conservation, just an interest in our great Michigan natural resources and in having fun learning more about the environment with others who share that interest."

Instructors include MSU faculty and Extension staff members, representatives from the Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Additional presenters include conservation-minded people from various organizations in Michigan.

For additional information, please contact Shari Dann, MSU Extension conservation specialist, at sldann@anr.msu.edu or 517-432-0267.

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