Michigan's Natural Communities

Classification and Descriptions as a PDFCommunity Distribution MapsKey to the CommunitiesRanking Criteria
Natural Community State Ranks
Boreal ForestS3
Bur Oak Plains SX
Clay BluffS2
Coastal FenS2
Coastal Plain MarshS2
Dry Northern ForestS3
Dry Sand PrairieS2
Dry Southern ForestS3
Dry-mesic Northern ForestS3
Dry-mesic PrairieS1
Dry-mesic Southern ForestS3
Emergent MarshS4
Floodplain ForestS3
Granite Bedrock GladeS2
Granite Bedrock LakeshoreS2
Granite CliffS2
Granite Lakeshore CliffS1
Great Lakes BarrensS2
Great Lakes MarshS3
Hardwood-Conifer SwampS3
Hillside PrairieS1
Inland Salt MarshS1
Interdunal WetlandS2
Intermittent WetlandS3
Inundated Shrub SwampS3
Lakeplain Oak OpeningsS1
Lakeplain Wet PrairieS1
Lakeplain Wet-mesic PrairieS1
Limestone Bedrock GladeS2
Limestone Bedrock LakeshoreS2
Limestone CliffS2
Limestone Cobble ShoreS3
Limestone Lakeshore CliffS1
Mesic Northern ForestS3
Mesic PrairieS1
Mesic Sand PrairieS1
Mesic Southern ForestS3
Northern BaldS1
Northern FenS3
Northern Hardwood SwampS3
Northern Shrub ThicketS5
Northern Wet MeadowS4
Oak Barrens S1
Oak Openings S1
Oak-Pine Barrens S2
Open DunesS3
Patterned FenS2
Pine Barrens S2
Poor Conifer SwampS4
Poor FenS3
Prairie FenS3
Rich Conifer SwampS3
Rich Tamarack SwampS3
Sand and Gravel BeachS3
Sandstone Bedrock LakeshoreS2
Sandstone CliffS2
Sandstone Cobble ShoreS2
Sandstone Lakeshore CliffS2
Southern Hardwood SwampS3
Southern Shrub-CarrS4
Southern Wet MeadowS3
Submergent MarshS4
Volcanic Bedrock GladeS2
Volcanic Bedrock LakeshoreS2
Volcanic CliffS2
Volcanic Cobble ShoreS3
Volcanic Lakeshore CliffS1
Wet PrairieS1
Wet-mesic FlatwoodsS2
Wet-mesic PrairieS1
Wet-mesic Sand PrairieS2
Wooded Dune and Swale ComplexS3

Communities by Ecological Groups

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