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Information & Credits


Funding by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration through the Michigan Coastal Management Program, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Additional funding by the Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, the Michigan Nongame Program, the Office of the Great Lakes of the MI DEQ, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Authorship and Design

Author, Dennis A. Albert

Design and Graphics, Chris Van Wyck of Ciesa & Associates

Reference this publication as: Albert, Dennis A. 2000. Borne of the Wind: An Introduction to the Ecology of Michigan Sand Dunes. Michigan Natural Features Inventory. 63p.


Becca Boehm and Kevin Gardiner assisted with photo scanning. Elizabeth Brockwell-Tillman provided inspiration, enthusiasm, intimate knowledge of the dunes, and access to many State Parks photos. Phyllis J. Higman provided exotic plant tables. Maureen Houghton provided guidance, enthusiastic review, and photos. The Nature Conservancy provided access to their photo collection. Michael R. Penskar assisted with publication concept and layout, editing, and provided exotic plant tables. Mary L. Rabe assisted with publication concept and layout. Yvonne Rolandson provided access to graphics from the Nongame Poster and helpful editorial advice. Earl Wolf provided diagrams, inspiration, many photos, and access to the State Parks photo files.

Photo Contributors

Dennis A. Albert, Betty Darling Cottrille, Powell Cottrille, Ted Cline (Photair, Inc.), Susan R. Crispin, David L. Cuthrell, Department of Environmental Quality staff, Jeff Dykehouse, David Ewert, James Harding, Janet Haas, Samara Hamze, Maureen Houghton, Ken Jacobsen, Jr., Dave Kenyon, Walter Loope, Harold E. Malde, Douglas Pearsall, Michael R. Penskar, Donald Petersen, Gary Reese, Todd Thompson, R. R. Torresen, David F. Wisse, Earl Wolf.


David Ewert, Christy Fox, Maureen Houghton, Robert Kavetsky (USFWS), Michael A. Kost, John T. Legge, Tracy Mehan, John J. Paskus, Michael R. Penskar, Laraine Reynolds, Suzanne Ridge, Yvonne Rolandson, Judith D. Soule, Earl Wolf.