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Phragmites stand

What is the distribution of Phragmites?

Phragmites australis is an aggressive invasive species with a widespread distribution in freshwater wetlands around the globe. It can be found throughout the continental U.S.A. and is commonly found along the Great Lakes.

How does Phragmites reproduce?

Phragmites reproduces by sprouting from a seed or rhizome fragment although it most often spreads underground through the rhizomes.


How does Phragmites spread?

Newly disturbed sites can be colonized by seed or rhizome fragments carried to the area.

What enables Phragmites to outcompete other plants?

Phragmites possesses many ecological characteristics which promote its ability to invade new areas, its adaptability in varying conditions, and its capacity to outcompete other plants. These characteristics enable Phragmites to spread, force out other species and form dense stands.

Exposed Roots

What factors promote invasion by Phragmites?

What can you do to prevent the spread of Phragmites?

What are some of the information gaps regarding Phragmites? (Meyerson et al. 2009)

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