Key to Michigan's Natural Communities

A. Shrub canopy dominated by tag alder. Occurring predominantly north ofthe climatic tension zone in northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula along streams and lake edges, on outwash channels, outwash plains, and lakeplains .... Northern Shrub Thicket

B. Shrub canopy dominated by dogwood and willow species such as red-osier dogwood (C. stolonifera), gray dogwood (C. foemina), silky dogwood (C. amomum), Bebb's willow (Salix bebbiana), pussy willow (S. discolor), sandbar willow (S. exigua), and slender willow (S. petiolaris) along with other common shrubs such as bog birch, winterberry, swamp rose (Rosa palustris), and elderberry (Sambucus pubescens). Occurring predominantly south of the climatic tension zone in southern Lower Michigan on outwash channels, outwash plains, and lakeplains .... Southern Shrub-Carr

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